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Enegrow is a company for the development, promotion and operation of smart cutting-edge technologies in petroleum industry. We build up a powerful and efficient cooperation between science and industry, investing in R & D and product/service marketing, providing sales, project management, finance and after-sales support.


We are pleased to offer you Chemical Products, the leading worldwide solutions related to EOR, wax and scale removals in wells and pipelines, best products for drilling operations and unique hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan (thiol) scavangers for oil distillates, gas condensate and crude oil. All our chemical solutions are applicable for treating a large number of fluids, including hydrocarbons, water, combination of liquid and gaseous phases, etc. Our products were invented and developed by the leading scientists from universities and innovation clusters.


Enegrow represents a number of technologies with high efficiency and unique features in their segment. The main target is to integrate, combine and adapt technologies to very specific tasks and projects. We develop leading-edge products and provide oil operators with proven, innovative solutions. The product line has been designed to specifically address concerns about production efficiency, capital costs and other critical issues existing in oilfields, including the quality of oil and high water cut.


We offer to our clients specific services based on innovative and smart technologies. Enegrow cooperates with advanced international teams in the petroleum sector to share the experience and utilize knowledge for the success of our clients. Enegrow pays additional attention to the reservoir management, flow intensification, the green technologies, the water management, operations security, risk control and management. Some of the services we provide in cooperation with our local partners around the world.


Oil and gas exploration is highly critical activity. It is risky and even after confirmation of hydro-carbons it is still crucial to perform adequate assessment to ascertain whether a discovery is commercially attractive. Our services span the breadth of consultation and field services, from frontier exploration to mature field revitalization. Tailored services deliver exact and more accurate license and hydrocarbon field data for a purchase and exploration risk reduction. Our Oil & Gas Feasibility Studies typically involve:

  • Establishing scope, objectives and terms of reference for the study
  • Developing a study basis, including oil & gas development data, well site PVT data analysis
  • Review of subsurface exploration results
  • Performance of geology, reservoir engineering and production engineering
  • Consideration of EOR techniques, e.g.: water injection, steam injection, gas lift etc.
  • Establishment of base drainage scenarios and production profiles
  • Performance of development engineering
  • Production facilities definition and separation facilities definition
  • HSE screening
  • Oil and gas risk assessment
  • Etc.


The better you understand your reservoir, the better positioned you are to optimize its lifetime performance. We aim to deliver for our clients a better understanding of reservoir rocks and fluids through accurate measurements and characterization delivered by our tools, services and petrotechnical expertise. We acquire, process, analyze and manage all forms of available field data to provide our customers with the exact information. We help our clients to make the right purchase and operational decisions by offering additional services to characterize reservoirs, estimate reserves, optimize production and increase ultimate recovery.

  • Data processing and interpretation services
  • Helium survey & well monitoring for optimization
  • MT sounding survey
  • Isotopic fluid injection tracing
  • Petrophysics based wireline services
  • Hydro-dynamic modeling
  • Hybrid intelligent systems for oil field development
  • Intelligent reservoir management with decision support system

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Enegrow is a business platform that makes it possible for the cutting-edge technologies to grow and enter the global petroleum market. We always work closely to our customers, it gives us a chance to know in detail their challenges and needs and carefully select the best solutions. If you have a technology for petroleum industry and need a breakthrough promotion.


We invite service companies and integrators for cooperation. All our products and solutions are highly competitive and efficient. Having a long-term experience in international sales, we ensure proper communication between technical specialists, our team, dealers and customers. Our key markets of interest: South-East Asia, The Middle East, Africa, South America.


One of our key priorities is investing in new technologies and expanding our portfolio of revolutionary solutions for petroleum market. Combined with the r&d team’s efforts, these investments give rise to innovative products capable to solve the challenges and tasks of petroleum companies. We invite private investors and funds to cooperate with us and become a part of our fast growing innovative business.


Postal Address: Yrjonkatu 22B, 28100 Pori, Finland
Visits: Teknobulvardi 3-5, 01530 Vantaa, Finland
Russia: Rubinshteina St. 36, St. Petersburg, Russia